Chris Hutton Testimonials

“I met Chris once for about 2 minutes. My cousin was flying in for my mom's funeral. Like a brother to me I needed my cousin to be with me for such a hard time. Some unfortunate airline circumstances put my cousin on a flight with Chris. It also landed my cousin 150 miles away from the original destination. Chris invited my cousin and his wife into his rental and drove them to me. Chris wouldn't accept any money from me. That's a guy I would want watching over my town! Good luck Chris and thanks again!”
--Ricky Knapik

“A patient asked me why I was supporting Chris today......I told them because I had never met someone deal with adversity as a husband, as a father, and as a man and still come out with a smile and motivation to help others."
--Dr. Anil Potti, Grand Forks

“At a time when i found out my mothers illness was terminal..Christopher Hutton went out of his way to see if i was going to be ok...offered help and council at a time i truly needed it. Inspite of the fact i didnt and dont always share his opinions on certain issues. The ability to show compassion, kindness and respect in spite of differing views and something special and a quality i think our next sherrif should possess. Good luck in the election Chris... you have my vote.
--Erik Enno, Grand Forks

“Christopher Hutton is one of the most genuine and loyal men I have ever known. His integrity and passion for community are unmatched. Superior Officer of Law Enforcement and Community Servant. You would be hard pressed to meet another man of such high moral and ethical character! Grand Forks County would be honored to have such a man to lead the Sheriff's Department enforcing the law and protection of the nation's top county! Please vote Hutton for Sheriff, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
--Justin Steward, Northwood

“You both are an inspiration. Kelly you work so hard and are so selfless as well. You two are such a great team. Who could GF find better than your family to represent, protect and love such a fine county? The answer is no one. Wish I could be there to vote for him myself. But I will share and speak of the goodness of the Hutton family.”
--Alicia McClure

Madison Rodriguez
I would just like to thank Christopher & kelly for taking me in when i was in foster care and still showed be love even when i wasnt listening thanl you again for help and support

Kathi Myhre
Been my friend for over 20 years....I was one of his "references" when he applied with the S.O. Great man, will be a great Sheriff!! Christopher Hutton

Danielle Rodriguez
Last year Madi got to meet an amazing family through her finding herself process! I am happy to support him for his running for Grand Forks County Sheriff, Christopher Hutton!! He has given Madi a lot of encouragement and support over the last year. Him and his family have been a huge blessing to us. Good Luck Chris!

Trevor Laesser
So thankful for my amazing family, I'm thankful for Mase for being the best little brother ever, and making me smile at least once everyday.
P.S. he's also a chick magnet. I'm thankful for Kelly always calling me on my crap, making sure I'm doing the right thing, and always being there for me when I need it most.
I'm thankful for Chris always talking to me about life and making sure I'm on the right path. my dad was always my best friend nobody gets two of those in one lifetime, I did...
Thank you both so much for taking me in and being my hero's Everyday I love you guys.

Allen Hunter
Great (and well-deserved) moment for Grand Forks' own Christopher Hutton, whose mammoth home run at a recent Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team spring training exhibition was featured on ESPN SportsCenter's Top Ten Plays. Thanks for all you do, Chris, representing our association both here at home and across the country with the WWAST.